Rite of Passage Armor of God - image shows large armor

Rite of Passage Armor of God

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Are you planning a special event? This "Right of Passage" Armor will make your ceremony complete. The whole Armor of God comes with special clips for attaching your Armor to your choice of a stainless steel ball chain necklace or a leather cord. The Armor pictured here is the larger of the two. There are a total of 6 pieces of Armor.

Charm sizes: 

Belt of Truth - 7/16"
Sword of the Spirit - 1"
Shield of Faith - 1/2"
Helmet of Salvation - 5/8"
Breastplate of Righteousness - 5/8"
Boot of Peace - 1/2"

Belt of Truth - 5/8"
Sword of the Spirit - 1-1/4"
Shield of Faith - 3/4"
Helmet of Salvation - 13/16"
Breastplate of Righteousness - 13/16"
Boot of Peace - 3/4"